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He pretty much said fuck it after reading Dean’s text. It was probably the liquid courage that gave him the balls to actually call his brother’s phone. Sam walked into the bar’s bathroom and into a stall, dialing Dean’s phone, waiting for him to pick up. Cheeks flushed and cock harder than diamond, he waited for the obligatory greeting.

"Dean…" He whined into the microphone, taking a moment to gather his thoughts. He palmed himself through his jeans, drunk and needing release.

Dean,” he repeated, more confident this time. “I want you to fuck me. I— I want you to fuck me like when we first started; hard and rough and clumsy and… I just need it, Dean. Need you.” Sam was damn near panting in the phone now, his erection pulsing against the denim of his jeans, aching to be released. “Want your hand around my throat… Want bruises and to be hoarse in the mornin’ and t’ be walkin’ funny.”

He must have sounded like a horny teenager, but goddamn did he need to be fucked silly, to let go and not worry about the consequence.

                                                                                    “Big brother, please.”

It wasn’t like they were exclusive. That had never been discussed before, so Dean always went about how he thought things should be. When Sam was drunk sometimes he became a bit clingy. Usually it didn’t bother him, but with each text all it did was interrupt his chances with the incredibly hot biker chick he was working on. Something about the leather and chaps and the look that she could kick his ass had him buying her shot after shot.

When his phone started to ring he was ready to turn it off until thinking maybe Sam had walked back to the motel and ended up lost or something. Sighing he answered it with an annoyed “What.” while giving the girl a forced smile and raising a finger for her to wait. He waited for his brother to answer and when he did.. well, it wasn’t exactly what he expected. Sam sounded fucking wrecked. It shouldn’t have been hot, but it did more to him than imagining the wild night he could possibly have with the girl.

"Jesus fucking Christ." He muttered into the phone and swallowing hard to keep from groaning at just the thoughts racing through his mind. The girl could be fun, but he knew Sam. There wasn’t a time that wasn’t good with him. Strangers it was always a chance. That last plea was all it took before Dean was hanging up and making an excuse to go to the bathroom.

He ducked his head down and glanced at the stalls, seeing only one with feet. Considering no one else was in the bathroom at the moment, he figured it was safe to say it was Sam. He moved to the door and instantly pounded on the door. “Open up, Sammy.”

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                   if you want a
                   m o n s t e r,
                   i  can  show
                   you             a
                   f  u  c  k i n g 
                   ( MONSTER  ) 

[ -mad cackling while rubbing hands together- ]

Oblivion and demon!Dean would watch the world burn together while eating popcorn.

fyi: for most first time threads unless we’ve discussed or stated otherwise, my Dean’s default canon is up to date on the series.

this means my Dean’s canon is currently Demon!Dean

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     You really need to work on your dirty talk

[ Text ]; deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssdeeen. [ Text ]; deen psst pean [ Text ]; imeanr drea. [ text ] im durnk

[SMS] ; Sammy
     Go to bed.



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